The closing all-time high on the Nasdaq was  8/29/18.  The S&P 500 all-time intraday high was 9/21/18 and the Dow all-time high was on

10/3/18. Over Labor Day Weekend of 2018, the following charts were shared on this site which forecast the end of the bull market in

autumn of 2018.  Incredibly, the last three bull market tops are (almost) perfectly related by a growth spiral from the 1982 low 36 years

earlier.  The only thing preventing an even more precise forecast of the 2018 bull market top (to the exact day) is the fact that the major

indices peaked on different dates in all of these bull market tops.  Since one cannot say with any certainty the exact date that any of

these bull markets actually ended, the best one can hope to accomplish is to forecast a bull market top within a range of a few weeks. 

That is what is shown in these charts and one would not expect to see such symmetry if the market was truly random.