August 1, 2015 Update:  The all-time intraday high in the Dow Transportation Average occurred at 9412.83 exactly

on 11/28/2014!  This index is a leading indicator of economic downturns and appears to be in the beginning stages

of a bear market, as it is now ten percent lower than its previous high.  The Dow Transportation index, along with

the Dow Industrial Average, are the two indices used in one of the oldest stock market timing systems, Dow Theory.

Under Dow Theory, the further these two indices get from their highs, the closer it gets to signaling a bear market

has begun. 



11/30/2014:  The 1966, 2000 and 2007 bull market tops are on a phi spiral linking the 1966 bull market top to Thanksgiving week of

2014, along with many important market turns in 2014.  See chart below for more detail.